Gov. Signs Omnibus Bills with Programs for Insurance for Unborn Babies and Promotes Cord Blood Donations

capitolOn Thursday, July 10, Governor Nixon signed bills that fund several Health Programs.  Among those programs was the “Show Me Healthy Babies” program that provides health insurance for unborn babies. Hopefully, this program will help mothers choose life for their babies.

Also included was a program to set up collection and transportation sites for umbilical cord blood donations. Umbilical cord blood contains adult stem cells that can be used for ethical treatments and research.

Thank you Missouri legislature for passing these bills and Governor Nixon for signing them into law.

Governor Vetoes Bill Increasing Tax Credit Dollars for PRCs and Maternity Homes

nixon2“Missouri Right to Life is very disappointed that Governor Nixon has vetoed the tax credit increase for pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes,” said Pam Fichter, President of Missouri Right to Life.

“This law, when passed over the governor’s veto, will save babies and protect women, both adults and minors by giving more dollars to pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes to help women in crisis pregnancies.”

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More info: Vetoes mean now is the time to act

Missouri Congresswoman Ann Wagner Featured in K of C’s Columbia Magazine

ann-wagnerColumbia recently spoke with three lawmakers – Rep. Ann Wagner (R-Mo.), Rep. Daniel Lipinski (D-Ill.) and Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth (Ontario), a member of Father Theobald Spetz Council 5135 in Waterloo – about both the signs of hope and the challenges facing the pro-life movement today.

“We need to communicate from a place of love, focusing on the humanity of the unborn baby – not attacking the women or the victims. For example, I often chronicle what the child can do at three and six and 10 weeks, moving up to 20 weeks, when the baby recognizes the sound of its mother’s own voice and can feel pain,” said Congresswoman Wagner.

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Another Ambulance at Planned Parenthood of Greater St. Louis


img via: Coalition for Life

Pray for the mothers who are being victimized by Planned Parenthood!

When you read the following, ask yourself and then call your legislator and ask him or her why the abortion clinic inspection bills HB 1478 & SB 770, promoted by Missouri Right to Life, did not pass in the last legislative session.

On the morning of July 10th, 2014, pro-life volunteers and interns with Coalition for Life documented the arrival of a fire truck and emergency response team at the Planned Parenthood of Greater St. Louis Region on Forest Park Avenue. Not long after, an ambulance was seen entering the clinic parking lot. About 8 minutes after the arrival of the ambulance someone was taken from the facility and placed in the ambulance, although that person could not be seen as the view of the gurney was blocked by a sheet held by clinic workers.

As was previously reported by MRL and documented by Operation Rescue, 23 ambulances have been sighted at this facility in the past four years. Women who go to this facility deserve to be protected against unsanitary and unsafe practices. It is the state’s responsibility to provide that safety. We need the clinic inspection bill.

We encourage pro-life legislators to make MRL’s abortion clinic inspection bill a top priority next year and require more over site of these abortion clinics that kill babies and hurt women.

MRL PAC Endorsements for the August 5 Primary and Special Election


There are over 35 pro-life laws in the Missouri statues. In recent years there has been great pro-life legislation passed. This is only possible because of the strength and commitment of the pro-life legislators in our state capitol. Pro-life political action makes that possible.

Making your vote count for life has never been more important. Your vote is the voice for innocent unborn children, for preventing taxpayer funding of unethical research and for advancing the cause of life.

The Missouri Right to Life State and Federal Political Action Committee (PAC) endorsements for the August 5th Primary Election are now available to be viewed on the web at Endorsements are based on voting records of sitting legislators as well as survey responses, interviews, public statements, public record and information from MRL PAC volunteers in the districts.


Happy Birthday, America!

“Courage, then, my countrymen, our contest is not only whether we ourselves shall be free, but whether there shall be left to mankind an asylum on earth for civil and religious liberty.” – Samuel Adams

Give thanks this day for the freedoms and rights that are given to us by the Constitution of this great country. Give thanks for those who sacrificed their lives and livelihoods at its inception, and those who have done so and do so today on the battlefields and in the conflicts, past and present, in which we have been forced to engage.



“The care of human life and its happiness and not its destruction is the chief and only object of a good government.” -Thomas Jefferson

As we celebrate our freedom this Independence Day we would do well to remember the millions of Americans whose freedom has been taken away in this country and pray for its restoration.

Governor Denies Women The Protection of a 72-hr Reflection Period

Missouri Right to Life Press Release

For Immediate Release
July 2, 2014

For Information

The following statement can be attributed to Pam Fichter, President:

Missouri Right to Life is profoundly disappointed that Governor Nixon has taken this step to deny women in crisis pregnancies the protection of a 72-hr reflection period. HB 1307 will, when passed over the governor’s veto, extend the current 24-hour reflection period after consultation to 72 hours before a woman has an abortion. This extra time will allow a woman to reflect on all her options before deciding to go forward with an abortion. Governor Nixon has vetoed a bill that would save babies and protect women from abortion clinics seeking to make a profit on an abortion.

Abortion is a life-changing procedure. It ends the life of an unborn baby; a decision that can never be undone. The procedure can also be harmful to the mother. In making this decision, women need time to review all the medical information and the alternatives available. This bill provides that.

We urge all pro-life legislators of both political parties to vote to override the Governor’s veto of HB 1307.


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