Happy Birthday, America: You Are Worth the Sacrifice!

In these days when the United States of America is under attack from terrorists, both foreign and domestic; when American citizens stand on, spit on, and burn our flag; when the US Supreme Court feels the need and freedom to rewrite the Constitution and laws; when career politicians see their service as nothing more than a means to power and privilege — let us remember. This is a great country, full of hard-working, patriotic, self-sacrificing Americans. 

From the statesmen and soldiers of the American Revolution, through the many battles and wars of the 1800s to the World Wars and conflicts of this century and the last, in every generation, there have been men and women who have sacrificed greatly for this country and for freedom.

For all the sacrifices, we are thankful!

Be Proud, Be Patriotic, Be an American

MRL Founding Member and Pro-Life Activist, Loretto Wagner, Dies

It is with a heavy heart that Missouri Right to Life bids farewell to one of our founding board members, Loretto Wagner, who died this past Wednesday. Over the years, Loretto has been active in all aspects of the pro-life movement.

Not only was she a founding member and past president of Missouri Right to Life — in which she was heavily involved in legislation and, through the MRL PACs, in election activities — she was also a founding member and long-time supporter and volunteer for Our Lady’s Inn and began the Missouri Caravan to the Washington DC March for Life. Through her work in the Eastern Region of MRL she was also involved in many educational efforts.

Jan Boyle, Missouri Right to Life State Board Member from Eastern Region, reflects on Wagner’s pro-life legacy in Missouri:

“Loretto was a glorious mix of many things — daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and dear friend and pro-life activist. In the early days of our pro-life advocacy, she, like many of us, worked from her home all the while caring for her husband, six children and her mother who was very ill.

“In 1986 she was awarded the Cardinal Carberry Award by the St. Louis Archdiocese. In her acceptance speech she noted that “there were not many Toll House cookies baked in her home,” but we all know the example of a good Christian Woman that she was.

“As our Federal and State Legislative chairman and MRL PAC volunteer, she showed the rest of us the way. My first encounter with her was in early 1980. Ronald Reagan and George Bush (Sr) were both contenders for the Presidential nomination. The money and the party was backing Bush, and the critics of Reagan, who was pro-life and at that time, Bush was not, said Reagan was ‘a know-nothing and an aging movie star.’

“Loretto lived in one of the two largest GOP townships and I lived in another. She knew how we could control the township caucus and instructed me on how to do it in my township. A lot of hard work went in to this, but a great number of pro-life delegates between the two townships were elected and we dominated the state and won Missouri for Ronald Reagan. This was the beginning of the changing of the tide that lead to his nomination.”

Pro-life Missouri and truly the nation, owe a great debt of gratitude to Loretto Wagner. We would not be the pro-life state that we are today without her leadership. Rest in Peace, Loretto.

Her obituary can be found here.

MRL Statewide Leadership Meeting

The Missouri Right to Life Statewide Leadership meeting will be held June 20th in Pleus Hall at Immaculate Conception Parish, 1208 E. McCarty, in Jefferson City. The gathering starts at 9:30 with the meeting starting promptly at 10:00 am.

Highlight of the meeting will be a Medical Care Dangers and End-of-Life Panel Discussion featuring Dave Drury of MO Lawyers for Life, John Ryan, a VA social worker, Jerry Nieters, MRL legislative chairman and Susan Klein, MRL Legislative Liaison.

Other highlights include a discussion of the expected Obamacare Supreme Court decision, state and federal legislative updates, and a separate presentation by the MRL PAC on the 2016 election.

Lunch will be provided for a goodwill offering.  All are welcome to attend.  Please RSVP to righttolife@missourilife.org or call 573-635-5110.

Legislation Saves Lives: Abortion Numbers Continue to Drop!

The preliminary number of abortions in 2013 has finally been released by the MO Dept. of Health. The total numbers of abortions in 2013 was 8,740. This is a decline of 287 abortions or over a 3% drop in one year. This continues a trend that has been going on almost steadily since 1980 thanks to pro-life activists!

mrl_abortion_statistics_graphBeginning in 2007, alternatives to abortion funding was provided through legislation. In 2010, expansion of the information given to women prior to an abortion was passed. In addition, in 2011 abortions on viable infants was banned. In 2011 restrictions on Medicaid funded abortions was passed. In 2013, tele-med abortions were prohibited.

Help us pass critical legislation and continue to reduce the numbers of abortions. Click here to make your donation.

MO Senate Fails to Pass Women’s Protection Act Requiring Annual Inspection of Abortion Facilities

Missouri Right to Life Press Release
For Immediate Release
May 15, 2015

For Information:
Statewide: 573-635-5110
St. Louis:   314-397-0847

Missouri Senate Fails to Pass Women’s Protection Act
Requiring Annual Inspection of Abortion Facilities

The following statement can be attributed to Steve Rupp, President of Missouri Right to Life:

Missouri Right to Life (MRL) is profoundly disappointed that the Missouri Senate has failed to approve an important public safety measure to ensure the annual inspection of abortion facilities. HB 190, introduced by Rep. Kathy Swan (R-Cape Girardeau), would have ensured annual inspections for licensed abortion facilities. It would have ensured that an inspection would not be “optional” for any Department of Health official, bureaucracy, or state executive to forego this much-needed requirement.

The measure was third read and finally passed by the House with a vote of 119-35 on February 25 and sent to the Senate. An identical bill, SB 33, introduced by Sen. Wayne Wallingford (R-Cape Girardeau) was never acted on by the Senate Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence Committee, Senator Dixon, Chairman, since being assigned on January 15, 2015.

In the final week of the legislative session, on Tuesday, all efforts to pass legislation in the Senate stalled due to the procedural move to call for the previous question on right to work. While we know that other issues are important to Missourians, there was no need to call for the PQ on Tuesday when there were other extremely important issues still on the calendar needing passage by the Republican majority. The PQ could have been called on Friday.

Reproductive Health Services of Planned Parenthood St. Louis Region has had an inconsistent inspection history according to public records. In addition, complaints have been filed against the St. Louis abortion facility based on multiple documented reports of the presence of emergency medical personnel and ambulances. The ambulance visits have numbered over two dozen in just 5 years. One such ambulance visit was as recent as this past February.

Missouri Right to Life and pro-life groups around the state have advocated for this necessary legislation due to the lack of oversight by the Department of Health and troubling inspection history at the St. Louis abortion facility. The horrendous crimes that have been committed in other abortion facilities across this nation, especially the Gosnell clinic in Pennsylvania and the Karpen clinic in Texas have brought the need for this type of legislation to a critical level. And now we wait for another entire year before women can expect a level of safety that should be guaranteed to them by the State.

While we are grateful that the General Assembly passed increased funding for our Alternatives to Abortion Program and pro-life protections on the Economic Development Budget Bill, we are profoundly disappointed that a purported “pro-life legislature” did not pass a bill addressing the dangers of abortion.

At last report from the Department of Health, there were 9,027 abortions in 2012. The taking of lives of innocent human babies and the women who are at risk are still ongoing “emergency situations” that should have been addressed by the Missouri Senate on multiple bills this year.

We look forward to working with the Missouri legislators to pass pro-life legislation in the 2016 legislative session.

Missouri Right to Life is the state’s largest and most experienced grassroots Pro-Life organization. MRL works through education, legislation and political action to promote the Sanctity of Life for all, from conception to natural death.

U.S. House Passes Landmark Bill to Protect Pain-Capable Unborn Children and Live-Born Abortion Survivors

Missouri Right to Life is grateful to our Missouri pro-life delegation in the U.S. House of Representatives for their support of HR 36, which will protect babies 20 weeks and older from the horrific experience of abortion.

The following press release is from National Right to Life:

WASHINGTON – With the support of a vast majority of House Republicans, and due to the pro-life dedication of the House Republican leadership, the U.S House of Representatives today passed landmark legislation, 242-184, to extend federal protections to unborn children who have reached 20 weeks fetal age, and those who are born alive during late abortions.

The bill was developed from model legislation developed by National Right to Life in 2010, enacted thus far in 11 states.

“This bill would save thousands of unborn babies annually from terribly painful deaths,” said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life. “It is now clear that the overwhelming majority of House Democrats believe that painfully dismembering babies, in the sixth month and later, is just fine – now let them try to explain that to their constituents.”

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act has been the right-to-life movement’s top congressional priority for the 114th Congress. Like the state bills, the proposed federal law would generally extend legal protect to unborn humans beginning at 20 weeks fetal age, based on congressional findings that by that point (and even earlier) the unborn child has the capacity to experience great pain during an abortion.

Read more…

What to Get Mom for Mother’s Day

mothers-dayThere are any number of trinkets, arrangements, and special dinners to give your mom for Mother’s Day. Give her something to let her know how much she means to you.

My mom recently went through open-heart surgery and is now recuperating. For several days prior to and during the surgery, her hospital stay and now recuperation I was called on to put my life on hold and be there for her. I want her to know that it is an honor and privilege to do these things for her just as she has done so much for her children and grandchildren over the years.

For Mother’s Day, in addition to the nice dinner and flowers, I am giving her a letter similar to Greg Chesmore’s letter in latest printed MRL Newsletter. Maybe you would like to do something similar. The letter is available here on page four. http://www.missourilife.org/news/2015/mrl_news_april2015.pdf

–Patty Skain, MRL Executive Director

“Motherhood is a great honor and privilege, yet it is also synonymous with servanthood. Every day women are called upon to selflessly meet the needs of their families. Whether they are awake at night nursing a baby, spending their time and money on less-than-grateful teenagers, or preparing meals, moms continuously put others before themselves.” –Charles Stanley

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