Action Alert: Ask MU to Get OUT of the Abortion Business!

We have all seen on the news the unrest and uncertainty on the campus of the University of Missouri, Columbia. And, we have all watched the turnover of leadership and personnel become the focus of National News.

For pro-lifers and innocent human babies, the uncertainty is not over. Will the University of Missouri get out of the abortion business and discontinue their ties to Planned Parenthood? Or will they continue to skirt the law that prohibits state-funded institutions and employees from performing or promoting abortion.

The actions of the University of Missouri enable the killing of innocent human babies by offering hospital privileges and educational and research opportunities for students at abortion clinics.

A change in leadership and personnel at MU does not change the law prohibiting state-funded involvement in abortion services nor does it change the University of Missouri’s obligation to abide by the law.

Missouri Right to Life is asking MU to get out of the abortion business and stop enabling the killing of innocent human babies by providing hospital privileges for abortionists, stop offering training for students at abortion facilities and stop doing research for Planned Parenthood.

Please call and e-mail the University of Missouri Board of Curators and Chancellor Foley and ask them to get out of the abortion business and break all ties with Planned Parenthood.

Contact Information
University of Missouri Board of Curators Website:
Phone: (573) 882-2388

University of Missouri Chancellor Hank Foley
Phone: (573) 882-6726

MU Continues to Collaborate with Abortion Provider Planned Parenthood

Missouri Right to Life
Press Release

The following statement can be attributed to Steve Rupp, President Missouri Right to Life

The University of Missouri, in their long standing relationship with Planned Parenthood, has taken another step in supporting abortion providers. Dr. Marjorie Sable, a Department Director of the School of Social Work at MU who also serves as the Secretary of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri is acting as advisor to a student involved in a study that will provide information to Planned Parenthood on how to increase their return of clients for abortions after the 72 hour reflection period.

We encourage pro-lifers to continue asking MU to stop enabling the abortion business.

Tell MU that state law requires them to discontinue all relationships with any abortion provider. And, tell MU that state-funded personnel, employed by MU, should not be using state time to enable abortion providers in any way.

We thank Senator Kurt Schaefer and the Senate Sanctity of Life Committee members as well as the House Ways and Means and Children and Families Committees for their on-going investigations in seeking answers about the buying and selling of baby body parts as well as the collaboration of MU and Planned Parenthood.

We ask our legislators to pass pro-life legislation in 2016 to address all the horrors of Planned Parenthood on all these issues.

We are the voice for these innocent babies. And, they need us today!

Get Invigorated for the Pro-life Battles Ahead — Attend the MRL Statewide Leadership and Annual Membership Meeting

The Missouri Right to Life Statewide Leadership and Annual Membership meeting will be held November 14th in Pleus Hall at Immaculate Conception Parish, 1208 E. McCarty, in Jefferson City. The gathering starts at 9:30 with the meeting starting promptly at 10:00 am.

The highlight of the meeting will be a presentation by Zina Hackworth. Zina a member of L.E.A.R.N, the nation’s largest black Pro-Life organization. She is also a member of The National Black Pro-Life Coalition. Zina has volunteered with pro-Life organizations such as Missouri Right to Life, Missouri Blacks for Life, Life Education and Resource Network (L.E.A.R.N.), Our Lady’s Inn, ThriVe St. Louis, 40 Days for Life and others.

In 2006, Zina founded “This Race Will Self-Destruct“, a mother-daughter abstinence, pro-life workshop for black adolescent girls. Zina will educate us on the devastating impact of abortion on the African-American community and give us insights into how the black community feels about abortion and how to engage, educate and motivate them.

In addition, we will have updates on the Missouri legislative investigations into Planned Parenthood as well as updates on future state and federal legislation. There will also be a separate presentation by the MRL PAC on the 2016 elections.

Lunch will be provided for a goodwill offering. All are welcome to attend. Please RSVP to or call 573-635-5110.

Oh, the Joy!

From the President

There is great joy in seeing your children born. Holding that tiny baby in your arms and wiping away the tears of overwhelming joy is indescribable.

And then we are treated to it all over again with our grandchildren. Only this time the tears are not just tears of joy, but tears of thanks that we get all of the fun with these little ones …. and none of the responsibility! Life is great!

And as I reflect on the awesome gift of being a Mom, Dad, Grandmother, or a Grandfather, I get teary-eyed again. This time in gratitude to God for my four children and seven grandchildren. What have I done to deserve such incredible joy? I thank God every day.

I have a son and daughter-in-law who are frustrated that, after 15 months of marriage, they are not parents yet. “In God’s time” is our prayer. They yearn for that joy.

Then I think of the Mother and Father who chose abortion. The giggling of that precious little child will be lost forever. The joy that my son and daughter-in-law are seeking is also lost on these parents. It is replaced by a dark, distorted effort to pretend that their child is not really a child but just a “product of conception.” These parents will not only be deprived of the joy of that child, but they will be subjected to the guilt and sorrow of knowing deep-down that what they did was horrible. There is no joy here.

And now, with the explosive Planned Parenthood videos being released, those parents are seeing that not only was their child more than a “clump of cells,” but their child may have been dissected and sold on the open market. And the darkness deepens.

What of the abortion industry workers? Do you think they go home at night with joy in their hearts? Is there joy in that Planned Parenthood building in St. Louis, or Columbia … or wherever? The obvious answer is no.

And that brings us to what we do at Missouri Right to Life. We try to save innocent children from a horrific death. We try to save parents from a lifetime of regret. We try to save abortion workers from the darkness that surrounds them every day. We strive to bring joy into the lives of these misguided souls. The same joy that we have experienced through our children and grandchildren. And you can help.

Please pray fervently that these people will experience God’s forgiveness, healing, and love. Thank God for your joy, and spread that joy everywhere you go!

That is what Missouri Right to Life does.

God bless!
Steve Rupp

Read more from our October Newsletter.

Chris Koster Seeks to Divide Missourians on Life Issues

Recent stories and editorials make assertions about Missouri Right to Life (MRL) and our goals concerning the investigations of Planned Parenthood and university-based research on stem cells.

To begin, MRL has always stood for the protection of innocent human life from conception to natural death. Human embryos and fetuses are no different biologically from born infants – only smaller, younger and silent. The one month old newborn is just as dependent on external help for nourishment and protection as the human zygote. And science does not recognize the intangible difference between the wanted and unplanned child, although somehow that logic escapes the mind of the abortion defenders.

We oppose abortion because it is a violent purposeful act that kills a child. It is quite literally dehumanizing, and callously encourages a disregard for the respect due all people. Esteemed suffragist and early feminist Susan B. Anthony said it best when she wrote, “I deplore the horrible crime of child-murder…” when referring to abortion.

Regarding stem-cell research, the public is often misled to believe that MRL and other abortion opponents are enemies of ALL such scientific endeavors. This is patently untrue!  Many of the first proponents of therapeutic stem-cell advances were, and are, in the Pro-Life realm. Adult stem cells from umbilical cord blood, placentas, bone marrow, and even human fat are rapidly seeing widespread usage in treatment and cures around the globe – all without the ethical dangers of destroying Life in the process.

MRL strongly supports ethical stem-cell investment, including state dollars, and encourages Economic Development that does not depend on life-ending forms of research. However, MRL continues to oppose human cloning and research that kills living embryos in the name of research.

We call upon our state officials, candidates, university leaders, business interests, and those involved in lobbying like the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and the Missouri Biotechnology Association (MOBIO) to join our efforts to help Missouri grow. Let’s unite in our desire for advances using ethical forms of stem-cell therapies. Let us finally write into statute a ban on tax dollars for research that kills human embryos. We can protect Life AND build our economy with ethical options.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, who in 2004 as a candidate for State Senate told MRL that he supported the protection of all innocent human lives, now seeks to divide MRL from state legislators and citizens by perpetuating those tired myths that advances depend on the destruction of human embryos. But that’s not all he’s doing to discourage the protection of Life.

Planned Parenthood has virtually begged to be investigated after multiple videos released by The Center for Medical Progress reveal that PP profits from the sale of body parts of babies they abort. Koster’s report into PP’s practices in Missouri is completely inadequate. Koster has produced a report showing only one month of records without direct evidence of the sale of baby body parts, but does nothing to address why the St. Louis PP operation is noted as an untapped market for fetal trafficking in the first video. And now abortion supporter Koster proudly declares the investigation, and PP, cleared?  Not so fast.

In addition to Koster’s cursory and limited investigation into PP’s operation, he ignores other illegal activity.  It is illegal for any state-funded entity, personnel, or official to assist, promote, refer, or perform an abortion in Missouri. Period. Koster ignores evidence that the University actively recruited an abortionist and worked directly with the PP facility in Columbia to provide the required licensing for that abortionist.

From rashes of ambulance calls and infrequent inspections to clandestine email correspondence with University of Missouri officials and the latest revelations about their gruesome business practices, PP is reminding us almost daily why our state defunded them back in 2003.

Senator Kurt Schaefer and his colleagues have taken the lead on holding Planned Parenthood, Missouri Health and Senior Services, and now the University of Missouri accountable for illegal contracts and willful disregard for statutory intent. We appreciate the efforts of the committees in the state legislature, both current and forthcoming, that will make certain that Missourians know the depth of these unsavory relationships.

MRL is continually pursuing legislative remedies for these violations, and invite Missourians to join us in our Life-affirming mission.

MRL Questions Depth of Attorney General’s Investigation and Pledges to Continue Our Life-Saving Work

Missouri Right to Life
Press Release

The following statement is from Steve Rupp, President of Missouri Right to Life:

Attorney General Chris Koster has released a report saying that Planned Parenthood in St. Louis does not appear to have broken the law in the month of June, 2015, as it relates to the organs and tissues of aborted human beings.

Examining one month’s worth of records and interviewing some employees of Planned Parenthood and the lab is not much of an investigation.

It is also disappointing that the Attorney General adopts the language of those who kill unborn human beings in the first place by using the cold, clinical terms “fetal organs and tissue” and “fetal tissue.” In the first chapter of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, section 1.205 in particular, Missouri law recognizes what biological science teaches: these unborn infants are human beings from the time they were conceived. The chief law enforcement official of the State of Missouri ought to recognize it, too.

While it is the Supreme Court of the United States that has made it legal to mangle unborn children in the womb, thus producing the torn hearts, lungs, limbs, and organs that the Attorney General so callously refers to as “fetal tissue,” “specimens” and “waste,” the Attorney General could at least have the decency to refer to them as the remains of human beings.

The pro-life movement will continue to work for a time when these tiniest of human beings will be provided their futures and hope rather than having their lives cut off, their bodies cut apart, and their remains referred to as trash.

MU Announces They Will Discontinue Abortionist Privileges in Future

The following statement can be attributed to Steve Rupp, President Missouri Right to Life:

Yesterday, September 24, the University of Missouri took a step in the right direction when they announced they would withdraw the “refer and follow” privileges from abortionist Colleen McNicholas beginning December 1, 2015.

We commend the University for this step. However, there are still major concerns.

First, why the delay? How many babies will lose their lives between now and December 1? If you are going to withdraw privileges, why not now?

Second, will the University offer more privileges in December? Will they offer privileges to another abortionist?

There are many unanswered questions at this time.

We thank Senator Kurt Schaefer and the Senate Sanctity of Life Committee members as well as the House Ways and Means and Children and Families Committees for the progress we are making and we encourage them to continue their investigations.

We recommend pro-lifers keep up the pressure. And continue to ask MU to stop enabling the abortion business immediately!

There are babies to save today!

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