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Missouri Right to Life Vows to Fight Judicial Activism


The Following Statement is from Steve Rupp, MRL President:

Planned Parenthood will soon begin killing more babies in their Kansas City abortion facility and has vowed to open other baby-killer clinics in Columbia, Springfield and Joplin.

The blame for this lies at the feet of activist, pro-abortion judges appointed by past administrations. Retired Federal Judge Howard Sachs was appointed to the Western District Court in Kansas City by pro-abortion President Jimmy Carter in 1979 and was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on September 25, 1979. He achieved retirement status in 1992 and takes a limited number of cases.

Today we are reaping the consequences to past elections of pro-abortion leaders and appointments of pro-abortion judges. Judge Sachs ruled that our Director of the Department of Health and Senior Services issue new abortion clinic licenses or be held in contempt of court.

While SB 5 passed in the recent Special Session could not stop these abortion clinics from opening, the provisions of SB 5 will serve to give more oversight and regulation on any abortion clinic in Missouri. We praise Governor Greitens and President Trump for their commitment to life.

We are profoundly disappointed in the numbers of lives that will be lost in these additional abortion clinics and we vow to fight Judicial activism and protect innocent human lives by electing more and more pro-life leaders!


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