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MO Senate Passes Strongest Pro-Life Legislation in Recent Years


The Following Statement is from Steve Rupp, MRL President:

Today the Missouri Senate took up and passed HCS SB 5 which not only expands regulations on abortion in multiple statutes, but also improves the tracking of baby body parts from abortion to prevent the buying and selling of these precious babies for research.

In addition, HCS SB 5 expands the powers of the Attorney General and protects our Pregnancy Resource Centers and faith communities in St. Louis and across the State of Missouri from being forced to participate in abortion.

After the sweeping pro-life election victories in November 2016, those who support abortion on demand at any stage of development used a pro-abortion judge and a few pro-abortion St. Louis Aldermen to attempt to take away common sense regulations on abortion and attack our religious communities.

Once enacted, HCS SB 5 will provide protections of religious liberty for individuals and religious communities as well as enact common sense regulations on abortion.

HCS SB 5 also ensures needed accountability from the abortion industry. Multiple violations were found during the 2015 State Senate, State House and U.S. Congressional investigations of Planned Parenthood, and now with the passage of this legislation, these situations will be rectified.

We are very grateful to the Missouri House and Senate leadership, sponsors and members for the passage of this critical pro-life bill. HCS SB 5 passed by a vote of 22-9. We are especially grateful to Governor Greitens for calling this special session and for his support of this strong pro-life legislation. We look forward to his signing the bill soon.


Missouri Right to Life is the leading pro-life advocacy organization statewide, representing hundreds of thousands of pro-life Missourians.


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  1. Daniel Schwartz says:

    Can I get an Amen, Alleluia. Thanks everyone for your prayers.

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