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HCS SB 5 Must Pass!


Time is of the essence as the Senate draws near to taking action on HCS SB 5. The vote is expected to take place Tuesday, July 25!

HCS SB 5 is one of the strongest pro-life bills to be considered by the legislature for many years! It includes:
  • Complication reports from abortions showing where women are harmed by the abortionist
  • Requirement that abortion clinic personnel not interfere with a 911 emergency call to the abortion clinic when a botched abortion or medical emergency has put a woman’s life in jeopardy
  • Annual on-site unannounced abortion clinic inspections to make sure abortion clinics are following the law
  • Accounting of “all” baby body parts from abortions to make sure that abortion clinics are not selling baby body parts for profit.
  • Whistleblower protection for employees of abortion clinics who see law after law being broken inside these abortion clinics and want to report it but are afraid of the repercussions by the abortionists
  • Ensuring that our top law enforcement officer, the Attorney General, has equal jurisdiction with a local prosecutor. This is needed when local prosecutor is pro-abortion and refuses to uphold the laws when an abortion clinic or abortionist breaks the law.
  • Protection for pregnancy resource centers and faith communities not to be forced to participate in abortion
  • Placing the term “Abortion Facilities” in the statute with ambulatory surgical centers so that the Department of Health has oversight of health and safety regulations in these abortion clinics

If the Senate does not pass the bill and instead asks to go to conference, the only thing that will come from conference is to strip life-saving legislation out of the bill.

Missouri Right to Life opposes removal or watering down the language of any of the life saving provisions in HCS SB 5.

Please call your Senator today – again. Ask them to take up and pass the HCS SB 5 on July 25 – and not to go to conference.
HCS SB 5 must pass in its current form!
Pray for our pro-life Senators as they come to Jefferson City next week to pass the HCS SB 5 to protect women, save babies, protect our Alternative to Abortion agencies and our faith communities.

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