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Senate Majority Fails to Pass Pro-Life Legislation


The following statement is from Steve Rupp, President of Missouri Right to Life:

While pro-abortion forces bask in their victory having stopped pro-life legislation, pro-life Missourians are questioning the lack of action by the Republican majority. Pro-life people of faith and values who went to the polls in November to elect pro-life leaders expect more!

In the wake of the Board of Aldermen in St. Louis City declaring St. Louis to be a sanctuary city for abortion and U.S. District Judge Sachs ruling against common sense regulation of abortion clinics, the Missouri Senate has failed to act on pro-life legislation. When it comes to protecting women and saving babies, no end-of-session dysfunction or filibuster can explain this away. Pro-life action could have been taken many times over the past weeks of the legislative session.

Missouri Right to Life continues to work with pro-life legislators and elected officials to find a way to protect women and babies. Governor Greitens has been very vocal about his support of HCS HB 174/SB 41 and HCS HB 194/SB 67. We know stopping sanctuary cities for abortion, accountability of baby body parts, jurisdiction issues for the Attorney General, Whistleblower protection and abortion clinic inspections have been priorities of pro-life Missourians this entire 2017 legislative session!

Pray for our leadership and Missouri Right to Life as we work to protect women and babies from the deceptions of the abortion industry.


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