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MO House and Senate Take Action on Pro-Life Bills


Missouri Right to Life
Press Release

For Immediate Release
April 14, 2016

For Information:
Statewide:  573-635-5110

The following statement can be attributed to Steve Rupp, President of Missouri Right to Life:

Today the Missouri House third read and passed HB 2069 & 2371 by a vote of 120 in support to 34 opposed. HB 2069 & 2371 will place in statute accountability for abortion clinics in their disposition and tracking of the bodies of babies killed through abortion. This bill also increases information and reporting requirements in future inspections of abortion clinics.

While those who support abortion have made their attacks on the producer of the videos that were released last summer by the Center for Medical Progress, they fail to acknowledge the fact that the prosecutor harassing this pro-life producer has strong ties to the abortion industry and specifically to Planned Parenthood. These videos have been proven to be substantially unedited or dubbed. These videos give clear examples that fetal tissue is being sold for high profit by personnel from Planned Parenthood and that the abortion clinic in St. Louis was a possible market to tap into.

Investigations by the Missouri House and Senate have determined that the State Department of Health, under the administration of pro-abortion Governor Jay Nixon, has no idea how baby body parts were being disposed of or if state law regulating pathology testing were being carried out.

HB 2069 & 2371 was written and passed by the House today in response to the lack of oversight from the Missouri Department of Health over Planned Parenthood and the Pathology lab they used at that time. HB 2069 & 2371 now moves to the Senate for debate and passage.

Also today, the Missouri Senate gave final approval on resolutions SR 1793 & SR 1794, addressing subpoenas issued to Planned Parenthood and the Pathology Lab Director to appear before the Missouri Senate on Monday, April 25. These subpoenas were issued because the Senate had requested information from Planned Parenthood and the Pathology lab that has, to date, not been received.

Missouri Right to Life thanks all the House members who voted for HB 2069 & 2371 and have been working to support this effort. We also thank the Senate for seeking more information from Planned Parenthood.

We call upon the Missouri Senate to take up and pass HB 2069 & 2371 to give the weight of law to accountability for final disposition of aborted baby body parts. We ask the Senate to send HB 2069 & 2371 to the desk of Governor Nixon.


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