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Legislative Report: 3/20/15


At the end of the day Thursday, March 19, legislators left for their annual Spring Break. When they return on Monday, March 30th there will be seven weeks of session left. During those seven weeks there is an Easter Break and the budget must be truly agreed and passed by May 8th.

Please pray for your legislators and Missouri Right to Life in these last weeks. After Spring Break, we will put out a request for phone calls at strategic times.

Highlights Last Week:

March 19, 2015 – SB 466 was heard in the Senate Veterans’ Affairs and Health Committee. It was not voted out of committee but is expected to be voted out upon the legislators return from Spring Break. It is also expected that SB 422 sponsored by Sen. Rob Schaaf and SB 466 sponsored by Sen. Eric Schmitt, will be combined into one bill.
SB 466 – Simons Law: Requires disclosure of life-sustaining treatment policies of health care facilities, involvement of parents in health care decisions and prohibits denial of life-sustaining treatment or anatomical gifts under specified circumstances.
Testimony in Support of SB 466: http://missourilife.org/legislation/2015/sb466.html

March 18, 2015 – HCS SS#2 SCS SB 24 – Was Perfected and Third Read in the House, sent back to the Senate, Senate refused to accept the House version, Senate has requested a conference with the House to work out the differences in the two versions.
March 27 — Senate requests to recede or grant conference calendar — SS#2 for SCS for SB 24-Sater, with HCS, as amended (Senate requests House recede or grant conference)
With the inclusion of an increase for the Alternatives to Abortion Program Missouri Right to Life went on record in support of HCS SS#2 SCS SB 24. This bill as a whole modifies provisions of law relating to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Your Missouri Right to Life Legislative Team continues to review and act on all bills dealing with life issues. Click here for the full update and information on other bills we are keeping an eye on.


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