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ACTION ALERT: Urgent! Calls Are Needed


capitolUrgent! Calls are needed to your Representative in the Missouri House and your Missouri State Senator. Session ends May 16 at 6:00 p.m.

Call your legislator today!  Your calls are important!

If you are unsure of who your representative and senator are go to our websitewww.missourilife.org and in the lower left sidebar there is a search engine using your 9-digit zip code.  Your calls are essential to the passage of these bills!

Ask your legislator to:

Please, do all they can to advance the following pro-life bills:

  1.  abortion clinic inspection bills (HCS HB 1478 & SCS SB 770);
  2.  the 72 hour waiting period (HCS HB’s 1307 & 1313 & SB 519);
  3.  conscience protections for medical professionals (HB 1430);
  4. an increase in tax credits for those donating to Pregnancy Resource Center and Maternity Homes (SCS HB 1132 & SCS SB’s 638 & 647);
  5. parental notification (SCS HB 1192); and,
  6. keep the pro-life language of 196.1127 in its entirety on multiple economic development bills (HB 1495, HB 1501, HB 1583 & SB 912 and any bills where Missouri Right to Life requests the language).

After you have called your Representative and Senator, please call President Pro-Tem of the Senate, Tom Dempsey at 573-751-1141 and Speaker of the House, Tim Jones at 573-751-0562 and ask them to advance these important pro-life bills.

See latest Legislative report here:  http://missourilife.org/legislation/2014/update2014-05-03.html 

Please call today!

And, get your family, friends and neighbors to call over the next couple of days!


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