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MO Legislative Upate 5/2/14


capitolThis week we saw the House and Senate take action to ensure the final passage of the benevolent tax credit bills within this legislative session, SCS HB 1132 and SCS SB’s 638 & 647.

Representative Kevin Engler and Representative Jeanie Riddle, Sponsors of the House bill and Senator Gary Romine, Sponsor of the Senate bill have worked diligently to get an increase in tax credits for PRC’s and Maternity Homes.

These omnibus benevolent tax credit bills include increasing the amount of tax credits for contributions to pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes available in each fiscal year from $2 million to $2.5 million dollars.

These bills have garnered strong bi-partisan support throughout the legislative process and should be sent to the Governor soon.  We thank all House and Senate members who have voted for these important bills.

Watch for action alerts requesting calls to your legislators.

Click here to read the full legislative report.


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