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Tragedy Turned Triumphant


Easter_Lily_smWith the horrid news from Connecticut–that is like an arrow piercing America’s heart–comes a story of tragedy turned triumphant.

My young nephew was running his small restaurant in Des Moines earlier this week when one of his employees came in to the store and asked if she could get her paycheck a little early. While he was in the office cutting her check, she sat at one of the WiFi computers to wait. On the screen, the story of the school shootings was being broadcast. The young lady started sobbing uncontrollably.

My nephew came out to console her and brought her back into his office to let her compose herself when she told him, “I needed my paycheck early because I have an appointment at Planned Parenthood this afternoon to have an abortion.” And then she said, “After seeing all of those innocent young children dying and all of those mothers who have had their children taken from them, I can’t go through with this abortion!”

The young girl said she didn’t know where to go for help. My nephew got her in touch with my sister (his mother) who is very active in Iowa Right to Life. God is good!

What if the paycheck had already been cut?

God bless!
Steve  Rupp
Vice President, Missouri Right to Life


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