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Thousands Rally for Religious Freedom at MO State Capitol


Commenting on yesterday’s successful Rally for Religious Freedom at the Missouri State Capitol, Missouri Right to Life President, Pam Fichter, said, “Today was truly an historical and inspirational day.  Thousands of pro-life Missourians came together at the Capitol to take a stand for religious freedom.  Leaders from many Christian faiths pledged to never given in to government coercion that strips us of our right to practice our faith and exercise our own religious conscience.”

Thanks to everyone who turned out! Below are some pictures from the rally. See more at the MRL Facebook Page. We will have video and transcripts of all of the speakers coming soon!

Photo by: Julie Smith/Jefferson City News Tribune

Click the images below to enlarge (all images courtesy MRL Treasurer, Chelsea Zimmerman):

Missouri Right to Life Vice-President Steve Rupp

Bishop John Gaydos of the Diocese of Jefferson City gives the invocation.

Dr. John L. Yeats – Executive Director of the Missouri Baptist Convention

Darrin Rodgers, director of Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center, reads a statement from George O. Wood, superintendent of the General Council of Assemblies of God, USA

Maggie Karner – Director of Life and Health Ministries for The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

Archbishop Robert Carlson — Archdiocese of St. Louis

Crowd pictures via: Jeff City News Tribune and Springfield News Leader


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