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Judge Daniel Green in the Cole County Circuit Court ruled Monday evening that the MOSIRA (Missouri Science Innovation and Reinvestment Act) bill (SB 7) is unconstitutional.  Missouri Roundtable, Missouri Right to Life, Citizens of Missouri and Lawyers for Life filed suit against the MOSIRA legislation.  “Our suit was based on the language in SB 7 that clearly states that MOSIRA does not go into effect without the passage on SB 8, known as the Aerotropolis bill.  Since SB 8 did not pass during the extraordinary special session, MOSIRA should not and could not go into effect.  In spite of this language, Governor Nixon signed SB 7 and has taken steps to implement it,” stated Pam Fichter, President of Missouri Right to Life.

In addition to ruling that the MOSIRA bill is unconstitutional, specifically Article III, Section 23 of the Missouri Constitution (Single Subject Rule), he permanently enjoined the State of Missouri from taking any action, including using public funds to implement the MOSIRA bill and he ordered the State of Missouri to rescind all actions taken to implement the MOSIRA bill.

“Missouri Right to Life is very thankful for this decision.  While we know, the nature of the successful lawsuit was one of constitutionality, Missouri Right to Life is committed to standing against the destruction of innocent human lives through human cloning and embryonic stem cell research, stated Pam Fichter.  “Monies in the MOSIRA fund would only be restrained by the language of MOSIRA. The MOSIRA fund, as passed in SB 7, had no pro-life protective language on it to prevent funds from being used for abortion services, human cloning and embryonic stem cell research.  Missouri Right to Life will continue to monitor any attempts to pass MOSIRA again without pro-life protections.”


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