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Now is the Time! Call to Stop Funding Unethical Research in Missouri!!


The Missouri Legislature is now in special session and considering an omnibus economic development bill in which funding for unethical research with public tax dollars weighs in the balance.

One part of this legislation is the Missouri Science Innovation & Reinvestment Act (MOSIRA). MOSIRA sets up a fund, channeled through the state budget and to be administered by the pro-cloning Missouri Technology Corporation, to provide state money or tax incentives for new technology businesses, including businesses engaged in human life science research. MOSIRA does not currently include language preventing unethical research but only requires unethical research to be reported.

Missouri Right to Life opposes MOSIRA or any economic development legislation that includes only a reporting requirement for this life-destroying research, and we call for protective language preventing state money from being used for human cloning, embryonic stem cell research, or fetal research on aborted babies.

On July 1, MRL sent a letter to Governor Nixon, all Representatives, and all Senators expressing our concerns and suggesting pro-life protective language for MOSIRA. That letter may be read by clicking here.

Action Needed

Please call or e-mail your State Senator and ask them to support the protective language of Missouri Right to Life for MOSIRA and any legislation dealing with human life sciences research.

Senators’ e-mails and telephone numbers may be found at:


To determine who your legislators are, go to this website:


You may also call the MRL State Office, 573-635-5110, for assistance.

After you call your state representative and senator, please call the following State Leaders that determine the direction of a piece of legislation for the State, House and Senate:

Governor Jay Nixon: 573-751-3222
Speaker of the House: Representative Steven Tilley – 573-751-1488
President Pro-Tem of the Senate: Senator Rob Mayer – 573-751-3859


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