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MRL Legislative Action Alert!


House Committee Eliminates Funding for Abortion Alternatives

The Alternatives to Abortion program helps expectant mothers at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level by providing counseling and health care services to assist mothers in carrying their child to term and after the child’s birth. The program saves innocent human lives.

The House Committee on Mental Health, Health and Social Services recommended on Tuesday, February 16, the complete elimination of funding for the Alternatives to Abortion program. MRL urges the legislature to restore the $1.9 million to the budget for this life-saving program.

Please call your state representative and urge them to support an amendment to restore the funding for the Alternatives to Abortion program.

Legislature Promotes Economic Development Legislation Without Pro-Life Protections

Numerous economic development bills have been introduced in the House and Senate that provides tax credits or other incentives for certain research and development in the fields of life science, biology and pharmaceuticals. Missouri Right to Life urges the legislature to adopt protective language that would ensure that innocent human lives are not sacrificed in this research.

Without the protective language, this legislation could provide incentives to entities wishing to do research that would endanger or destroy human embryos. It is unethical to destroy human life in the name of science and such research should not be enabled by tax credits or other financial incentives.

Please call your state senator and representative and urge them to support adopting pro-life protective language to any and all economic development proposals.

See MRL’s Press Release of February 18 on House passage of incentives for unethical research.

And for more information on MRL’s economic development position, see our memorandum to Legislators early this year regarding Life Sciences and Appropriations.


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