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Oppose Cuts to Missouri Alternatives to Abortion Program!


Jay NixonDue to the shortfall in the Missouri budget, Governor Nixon is considering cuts to various programs. He requested all state departments to recommend programs that can be cut or their funding reduced. In response, the Mo. Department of Health, headed by pro-abortion former Rep. Margaret Donnelly, is recommending cuts to the Alternatives to Abortion program (ATA).

Through the ATA, women in crisis pregnancies receive a variety of services including job placement, housing, medical care, and adoption referrals. These services have been proven to help women choose life for their unborn child. In these difficult economic times, we know providing assistance to women experiencing crisis pregnancies can make all the difference in the decision to carry a child to term or end that child’s life in the womb. The numbers of abortions in Missouri has been dropping steadily for many years. The ATA program has been a key component in the success of that effort.

Contact Governor Nixon now. Ask him to retain the Missouri Alternatives to Abortion Program. The lives of hundreds, if not thousands of unborn babies could be at risk. The physical and psychological health of Missouri women experiencing unplanned pregnancies could be in danger.

In January, Gov. Nixon promised pro-life Missourians to fully fund the Alternatives to Abortion program at $1,949,512. He needs to fulfill that promise. Missouri’s unborn children and pregnant women should not pay the price for these uncertain economic times.

Contact the Governor

Governor Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon
P O Box 720
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Phone (573) 751-3222


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