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It Looks Like Carnahan’s Done it Again


From the Kansas City Business Journal, 1/30/09:

A Missouri group seeking to ban the use of tax dollars for abortion, human cloning or other similar procedures is criticizing ballot language proposed by Secretary of State Robin Carnahan.

In a statement issued Friday, Missouri Roundtable for Life Executive Director Todd Jones contended that Carnahan has “unnecessarily politicized” the ballot language it seeks for the November 2010 election.

“We submitted a very short, clear amendment of only 44 words because we wanted to give voters a clear amendment that stopped taxpayer dollars from going to abortion, cloning and other prohibited research,” Jones said in the release. “Ms. Carnahan has re-written our amendment into a 128-word ballot title and has created the false impression of what that amendment does.”

The language Carnahan proposed Thursday reads:

“Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to make it illegal for the Legislature or state or local governments to expend, pay or grant public funds to hospitals or other institutions for certain research and services, as defined by the general assembly in section 196.1127, Revised Statutes of Missouri, 2003, such as abortion services, including those necessary to save the life of the mother, and certain types of stem cell research currently allowed under Missouri law?

“This proposal could have a significant negative fiscal impact on state and local governmental entities by prohibiting the use of public funds for certain research activities. Federal grants to state governmental entities for research and medical assistance programs may be in jeopardy. The total costs to state and local governmental entities are unknown.”…

Jones said, “We appeal to (Carnahan) to reconsider and rescind this ballot language; if she will not, we will consider all our options, including going to court to fight her.”

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This is similar to the language she gave pro-lifers who tried to get an initiative petition to let voters ban cloning almost a year and a half ago. See here and here.


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