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“We’re Here to Protect Life”


Missouri Right to Life At the town hall meeting in Springfield this week, Missouri Right to Life President Pam Fichter offered words of encouragement regarding the failed attempt to get a cloning ban on the Missouri ballot this year, “We’re on the winning side. We just aren’t in charge of the timetable.” Highlighting recent advancements in ethical stem cell research, Fichter said, “Science is on our side. Pro-life people are patient and we’re not going away.”

What about this year’s legislative session? “This was truly a very disappointing session.” Instead of passing a ban on coerced abortions, “The Senate spent more time debating whether the ice cream cone should be the state dessert.”

One thing is certain, after this session MRL can no longer be pigeonholed in favor of one side over the other. “The Democrats accuse us of being an arm of the Republican Party, and the Republican Party thinks we’re out to destroy them” That’s because the issue of life transcends partisan politics. Says SW region MRL chairman, Dave Plemmons, “Life is not a game. We’re not here to play; we’re here to protect (life)”

MRL endorsements should be made public within the next month.


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